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Volunteering in Leicester

The rotary club of Leicester, one of the UK’s longest-established Rotary Clubs, works with various charities to create lasting change for communities. Community projects and volunteer opportunities help enrich both local and international causes. Join the rotary club of Leicester for various types of volunteer projects such as teaming up with other organisations to end community hunger, organising memorable events for children and the disabled, offering medical support when needed, and much more. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in supporting communities. A few specific examples include the Rotary4foodbanks initiative, an event called Kids Out, and another named Sailability. The rotary club of Leicester is a community of like-minded members who are dedicated to creating lasting change where there are opportunities to serve and enhance other people’s lives. 

Rotary4foodbanks is an increasingly important initiative that helps contribute to the food banks in Leicester, where there is a growing need. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a larger need than ever before for food security due to several families losing jobs and experiencing reduced incomes. We will be working with and supporting Midland Langar Seva Society, Help the Homeless Leicester, The Zinthiya Trust, The Open Hands Trust, and Age UK Leicestershire & Rutland. There are several ways to get involved with the scheme. Local businesses can offer support, local organisations can help by providing volunteers, or individuals can offer to help by volunteering. 

Another opportunity to get involved is the Kids Out event. This is a day spent at Wicksteed Park, Kettering designed for local disadvantaged and/or disabled children. Taking place on the second Wednesday in June each year, the rotary club of Leicester takes a large group of children for a fun day out in the park. This event is organised in conjunction with the Kids Out charity and provides the children tons of activities such as swinging, riding on the miniature railway, watershoot, astroglides, and more. Smiling faces fill the park and the day is met with lunch served by the Rotarians.

Sailability is an outdoor volunteer activity that takes place at Watermead Country Park. It is designed to create opportunities for the disabled and handicapped to get involved with sailing dinghies. For those with experience sailing a dinghy, volunteers offer support for entry and exit from the dinghy. This event is also suitable for those who are looking to sail a dinghy for the first time, in which case they can be taught by instructors. Volunteers are properly educated on safe, best practices for helping the disabled into and out of the dinghies, which is an important safety measure. This ensures the well-being of everyone involved so that the disabled and handicapped can enjoy this unique experience outside on the water.