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Technology Tournament 2022

Our Technology Tournament made its comeback on Thursday last week (24th Feb) following a Covid sabbatical.

At 9 am, we welcomed 80 children from schools across Leicestershire to the Hall in Leicester Grammar School. Half an hour later they were all heads down in their teams of 4 coming to grips with the design and construction task that we had given them.

Four and a half hours later, they downed tools and sat back to admire their creations. Some with confidence and some, perhaps, in the knowledge that given more time they might have done it differently. Every team’s model was then subjected to the test track to see how well its performance would meet the brief that they had first seen that morning.

Everybody got something out of the day having absorbed themselves in the task without distraction. Some models struggled, some worked quite well and some were magnificent. The trophies for the best in each age group were awarded to teams as follows:

Foundation – Rawlins Academy

Intermediate – Manor High School

Advanced – Leicester Grammar School

Organising and running this event was a great team effort and thanks go to our host, Leicester Grammar School, and our sponsors, Sir Thomas White Loan Trust, Pick Everard and Hodges & Drake. The work put in by Rotarians from Leicester, Oadby Launde & Leicester Novus clubs and others who helped was its own reward.