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Rotary4foodbanks arrives in Leicester

Food banks in Leicester are expected to come under increased pressure as many more families turn to them for assistance as the Covid-19 crisis leads to job losses and reduced incomes.

In response, the Rotary Club of Leicester President Parmdeep Vadesha is pleased to announce that we have introduced the Rotary4foodbanks scheme to the city. This is part of Parmdeep’s commitment that we will be “Talking less and doing more” during his year as President.

Rotary4foodbanks is a project that was set up by Rotarian John Cavey in Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire. The scheme funnels food donations to food banks cost effectively and enables food banks to purchase foods at the most competitive price with the cash donations they receive.

Why can Rotary make this difference?

Rotary has extensive supporter and volunteer connections and is a proven campaign organiser. We have been instrumental in eliminating the wild polio virus in all but two countries in the world and we want to help prevent a corona food crisis in the UK.

Rotarians have the skills to develop this complex project and an army of volunteers to implement it. Rotary is a brand that individuals, companies, and the public sector trust and Rotary will get the partner support that makes the difference.

Making a humanitarian difference is what Rotary does all over the world.

What will we do?

  • The Rotary4foodbanks scheme provides Rotarians, Clubs, businesses and other organisations with a secure and efficient means to support food banks.
  • Rotary Foundation Grants will be used to leverage the donations we receive whenever this is possible.
  • The Rotary4foodbanks buying group ensures that all the donations we receive are spent on items that food banks need on a regular basis acquired very cost effectively. 
  • The buying group will also enable food banks to utilise their own funds to purchase items at the price Rotary4foodbanks purchases at.
  • The transportation network will enable goods to be stored, picked and routed to food banks at no cost to the food bank or the donors.
  • They will seek and facilitate the dispersal of large donations of food to multiple foodbanks.
  • Encourage new volunteers to support food banks.

How can I get involved?

If you are:

  • a local foodbank that would like to participate in the Rotary4foodbanks scheme,
  • a local business that would like to support the scheme,
  • a local organisation can help with volunteers, or
  • an individual that would like to volunteer to help