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Little Faces School, Mombasa , Kenya

The Club has joined with other Rotary Clubs, schools and businesses around the UK by donating £225 to the Little Faces School Project in Mombasa, Kenya. The project was started in 2012 by Sally Harrison of the St Neots Rotary Club and is to support deprived children at a school in Mombasa, Kenya. Our donation will provide education and food for a year for two children and £105 towards the school’s annual day out and picnic. The charity is looking for schools, Rotary Clubs or individuals to sponsor a child at a cost of £60 per year, they also plan to build a new school adjacent to the current site. They have the support of the local Mombasa Rotary Club and of the seven trustees, three are Rotarians, two in the UK and one in Kenya. Currently 242 children are being sponsored.