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Leicester Rotary Club introduces new Family Membership option

The Rotary Club of Leicester is inviting local people to join Rotary along with members of their family.

Family Membership is a new membership option for:

  • Existing Rotarians wanting to share the fellowship and service of Rotary with their family, and
  • Potential new Rotarians wanting to bring their family into Rotary with them.

This new Family Membership option gives people the opportunity to participate within the Rotary Club with family members.

The principal (Active) member will hold the membership on behalf of their family, and the principal will have the same opportunities and full involvement as an individual Rotary Club member.

The Active member may appoint up to three family members to be representatives. These must be over the age of 18 and have the same primary residence as the Active member.

The other representatives are not full members of the Club but will be able to take part in all Club activities but will not be able to hold office at Club, Regional or International level or attend exclusively Rotarian events at District, national and international level.

The annual fee for Family Membership is reviewed every year and is currently set at £150 (the same as individual membership).

Family membership is also an opportunity for family representatives to find out about Rotary on their way to considering Individual membership of this or some other Rotary club, or a Rotoract club.