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The Rotary Club of Leicester is inviting local businesses and organisations to participate in a new opportunity for Rotary club membership. Corporate memberships give local businesses, charities, non-profits, and government entities the chance to give back to the community while developing their employees’ personal and professional skills through Rotary.

At many businesses, the Managing Director and others in senior positions will want to add Rotary membership to their resumes because they recognise Rotary’s reputation for combining business networking with community service. A corporate membership will allow busy leaders the chance to learn about the needs of their community so they can serve it well, while experiencing the personal satisfaction of knowing they’re helping others.

Younger professionals, including those with a young family, will enjoy the flexibility of our corporate membership, which is more affordable and requires a smaller time commitment. Membership in Rotary provides young professionals and managers invaluable opportunities for taking on leadership roles while providing networking opportunities and mentoring. By offering the perk of Rotary membership, you show young professionals and managers that your business cares about their personal and professional growth.

How Corporate Membership works

The organisation can appoint one Individual Member and up to three Associate Members. Your appointed Individual Member is inducted into the club as a full member and is expected to fully participate in the club by attending club meetings, serving on projects, voting on club matters, and serving as club officers and on club committees and so on. However, they benefit from a reduced attendance requirement. The Associate Members will act as alternates with the option of attending meetings either for themselves or on behalf of the primary member.

Although the business entity isn’t a Rotary member, it typically pays the dues for its employees’ Rotary membership and may be eligible for a tax deduction where permissible by law. The dues for alternate members are significantly discounted.

Here are some other advantages of Corporate Membership:

Flexible schedule. The Individual Member and up to three Associate Members. can attend a meeting — or all are welcome at the same meeting — adding tremendous flexibility and reducing the time commitment of any one member.

Cost savings. The price of membership is a fraction of the cost compared to all the professionals and managers paying the full membership dues.

Community awareness. Owners, directors, leaders, professionals and managers can meet and socialise with other business and local leaders in the club, expanding their understanding of the community’s needs and wants, and get an insight into how businesses are addressing common concerns.

Global connections. Members of Rotary have instant access to our global network of 1.2 million members in 35,000 clubs around the world. Wherever you’re traveling,

there’s likely a Rotary club with local business and community leaders who will welcome you.

Networking opportunities. Through Rotary, business leaders can make important contacts that can result in profitable business ventures in the future.

Commitment to service. Employees of the business recognize and appreciate the company’s commitment to serving others. Even if employees don’t join the Rotary club, service becomes part of the corporate culture.

One-stop source. Rotary is a productive use of the professionals and managers time. Instead of joining a variety of boards, each with their own unique focus, time commitment, and cost, Rotary is a comprehensive source where members can learn about many of the social issues and concerns in the community.

Personal satisfaction. Members experience the gratification of knowing that they’re helping people who may not have the means to help themselves.

The Rotary Club of Leicester is one of the oldest and largest Rotary Clubs in the United Kingdom, with over 50 members, drawn from men and women living in, or whose business serves, the City of Leicester.

The Club have regular weekly meetings over lunch on Mondays at which members have the opportunity to interact with fellow members of the local business and professional community. Note these meetings are currently via Zoom due to the Coronavirus restrictions.

The Club’s accent is on fellowship, and on service projects for the benefit of those less fortunate than ourselves. Directly, and through the worldwide Rotary movement, the Club cares for the local community and for the world through international service, particularly in developing countries mostly recently helping establish an orthopaedic operating theatre in Gondar, Ethiopia. The Club also supports a number of local charities and organises a number of youth events. Local leaders are welcome to attend any of the Club’s meetings to find out more about the Club, its members and the projects they undertake. More information about the Club can be found at

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