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Kids of Heroes

Andy Tilney described the activities of this charity, launched in January 2014. It was set up to benefit the children of serving military personnel, many of whom suffer with mental health issues as a result of their parents involvement in conflict.

The charity provides counselling and play therapy for children up to age 21. It also pays for family holidays at the end of counselling sessions.

There are currently 170,000 full time ‘military children’ , 10% of whom are scarred with emotional or behavioural problems.

UK casualties of war during the period covering the Falklands war to the Afghanistan conflict amount to 1,770. There is help available from other charities for the victims’ families, but little or nothing for those affected by the Balkans crisis, nor Iraq. Kids of Heroes does not exclude any qualifying children from benefit. Since July 2014 180 children have received help through the counselling programme.

The charity works with Play Therapy UK, the British Legion and Help for Heroes.

Counselling costs are at a special low rate of £15 per hour, holidays average out at £690 each and administrative costs are at a low £15,000 per annum. There are no wages or salaries, all such services being provided by volunteers. 80% of all monies raised goes to the cause and the charity does not indulge in cold calling, doorstep selling or any other unpopular methods of approach.

Our thanks to Andy for bringing the charity to our notice, and a most informative talk.